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If you hate writing captions or subtitles manually, ScriptReel is gold for you. It will automatically transcribe the audio, create captions, lets you customise them, translate them and put them on your videos, all in minutes. Love the fact that you can even create multi-lingual audio for your videos. Very useful for all sorts of videos we do. Definitely pick this up!

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There is a massive shift in video market and stories are at the centre of it. If you aren’t creating and publishing vertical stories videos, you’re probably going to miss out more than half your viewers and loose on sales. StoryReel makes it SO MUCH EASIER to create “stories” videos easily and publish anywhere. Very cool and highly recommended

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Creating stories and publish them on social media can quadruple your views and traffic, and bring in more sales. StoryReel makes it so much easier to create great looking stories videos using its 100+ templates. PLUS their mobile app helps you share them anywhere, easily. Start creating stories videos today using StoryReel

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Are You Ready To Get More Views, Clicks & Sales Than Ever Before?

The truth is…

…regular videos just aren’t cutting it anymore.

We’re living in a world where attention spans are DYING… and people just don’t have time to watch long videos anymore.

That’s why those expensive, time consuming whiteboard animated videos, cartoons, powerpoint VSLs… are getting ignored and not generating the leads and BUYERS you were promised.

And that’s why social story style videos are taking over the web (and you’ve already seen the facts to prove it!)

Now you can tap into the traffic and sales-getting power of stories, even if you’re camera shy and have zero experience.


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The Easy Way To Get Tons of Traffic Using Stories On Your Favorite Social Platforms In Only 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1

Login to the dashboard and choose from hundreds of fully customizable story video templates.

Step 2

Edit text, add your call-to-action, add pumping music, cool fonts, awesome icons, eye popping images, text-to-speech voice overs in multiple languages and more.

Step 3

Download your video or export it as an animated GIF, ready to share on Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp… or share it straight from your dashboard to Dropbox or YouTube in seconds!

Pricing Table

How Can StoryReel Work For You? Here’s A Few Examples:

Engaging promotions for your Shopify store…


Limited-time offers for local businesses…


Viral “full motion” memes, gifs or inspirational quotes…


Teasers and “buzz building” for your next product launch…


Quick daily tips to win coaching clients…


Eyeball grabbing posts to promote affiliate offers, build your list or suck in waves of fans and followers…


…and so much more!

Still Struggling To Get Traffic?
This Can Help...

If you’re looking for a fast way to rake in traffic and buyers for you or your clients, then these simple social story videos are fast becoming the #1 way to grab attention, win trust and generate real buyers…and that’s a FACT.

FACT: Vertical “Story” Videos Are
PROVEN To Get More Views…

Stats Show

that 800,000 million people are now addicted to social story videos on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Skype…

…and they’re proven to get insane views, engagement, clicks and cash!
  • 2.2 billion users sharing and watching video stories each month!

  • Facebook Stories Reached 150 Million Daily Active Users In 14 Months

  • Facebook Stories Are Growing 15x Faster Than News Feed Sharing

  • Low competition - only 10% Of Facebook's 1.45 Billion Daily Active Users Have Adopted Facebook Stories

  • 800 million users sharing and watching stories each day!

  • 72% of Instagram users purchase products through Instagram!

  • 50% of all Instagram users are following a business today!

  • 52% of all small businesses use Instagram

  • 31% of adults using Instagram earn over $75,000 a year!

  • 0 X higher engagement than

  • 450 million users sharing and watching video stories each day!

  • 760 million videos shared every day

  • 191 million users sharing and watching video stories each day!

  • The average Snapchat user opens the app 18 times a day

But There’s Just One Problem: Trying To Get Traffic With Stories Isn’t As Easy As It Seems...

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a ton of traffic ripe for the taking when it comes to using stories. But even with that, it’s a pain in the butt trying to siphon that traffic to your own products and offers.

Just to have a shot at a decent stream of visitors, you would have to:

  • Shoot videos using a camera or your phone

  • Edit the video yourself or hire someone to do it

  • Create animations to make it look “COOL” for 2020

  • Write AD COPY

  • Crop Video in the correct size, dimension and resolution

  • Create UNIQUE videos every time you want to publish a “story”

And that’s not even mentioning the 100ft gatekeepers at sites like Facebook and Instagram that don’t want you taking anyone off their sites!

And That’s Exactly Why You Need

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StoryReel Helps You Create Stories Videos Without Being on a Camera or Creating Animation or Complex Editing…all in just a few minutes!

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Let Me Show You Everything Included Inside of StoryReel & How You Can Start Generating Tons of Traffic In The Next 24 Hours...

Chris Cox Testimonial

Still On The Fence?

Then Let Me Give You 10 Reasons Why You ABSOLUTELY Must Invest In StoryReel Today...


You never have to struggle to find traffic again

By using STORYREEL, you’ll be able to tap into existing traffic on popular sites with ease. Use StoryReel on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, What’sApp, and even Skype!


Boost Your Bottom Line

72% of Instagram users purchase products directly through Instagram. The only thing that’s stopping you from getting your share are engaging stories. With your investment in StoryReel today, you can get your share of the revenue too!


You’re Currently Losing To The Competition

If you don’t get on board with the trends, you’ll continue to lose customers to your competition. 52% of all small businesses currently...


Get In Front of The Current Mobile Trend and Get Paid

Experts predict that mobile users will spend 65 billion dollars online in 2019….


They’re easy to digest

Social story videos appeal to billions of people who are too busy to watch or read long, boring content!


They stand out from the crowd

Story videos look totally different to other videos and boring text content, so they stand out.


They’re easy to scale

With the right tools, you can pump out dozens of little videos each day that attract followers, leads and sales like you’ve never experienced before!


Tap into trends as they happen

Pump out quick social story videos to cash in on new trends in your market, before the competition does!


Sense of urgency

Most stories automatically expire after 24hrs, which makes them more appealing and forces people to watch now!


Less competition than other marketing methods

If you’re tired of the SEO bloodbath, endless blogging, vlogging, commenting, networking and blowing wads of cash on fruitless ads, then social stories is for you!

With such amazing traffic-getting power, we wanted to create a tool that could help anyone produce and share social story videos fast and easy.

Create Hundreds Of Videos Per Day! Leave Your Competitors In The Dust!

Get Instant Access to StoryReel - Commercial
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Create Awesome “Social Stories” That Get Clicks, Leads & Sales In 3 Simple Steps!

You Don’t Even Need To Be On Camera To Create Awesome Highly Engaging Social Stories!

StoryReel is packed with attention grabbing social story templates that have been created by some of the best video designers in the world…

…scientifically designed to get you tons of fresh followers, leads and sales from social story videos…

without needing to show your face on camera!

Phone Image Phone Image Phone Image

Everything You Need To Create Engaging “ Story” Videos That Get Seen By Thousands Of Buyers Is Already Included!

Choose From 100 Stunning Yet Proven Templates Designed To Get You Tons of Traffic.

These Very Designs Were Carefully Crafted By The World’s Top Designers!

Take A Look At These Amazing Designs!

(Click. Edit. Done.) That’s All It Takes To Create An Amazing Story Complete With Audio, Dazzling Images, Funky Fonts, and Eye Popping Video Clips!


Access to 50,000+ Images in ImageLibrary


Access to 10,000+ Video-Clips in VideoLibrary


Access to 100s of Fonts


Access to 1,000+ Background Music in MusicLibrary


Upload your own Images, Video Clips or Music / VoiceOvers


Add “Swipe Up” Animation on all videos


Insert your own logo and watermark

No Voiceover? No Problem.
You Can Easily Add Multilingual voice overs with our state-of-the-art text to speech technology!


Don’t have a mic, or don’t want to hire a voiceover artist? Use the Text-To-Speech technology to instantly add voiceovers to your social story, with tons of languages & accents to choose from!

  • Create voice overs that relate to your audience

  • Translate your video into any language and tap into billions of non—English speaking audiences with way less competition

  • Save hundreds per month on freelancers, equipment and other tools

Create “LONG” story videos with ‘ReelMerge’ feature


Need more time to tell your story? Use our brand new ReelMerge technology to loop your video at the push of a button…

…or point and click to join multiple video templates together!

Now you can create epic story videos from 10 seconds to as long as you want, without any video editing skills or experience!

Reach thousands of potential buyers in a few simple clicks!

  • Publish to Facebook Pages in One-Click

  • Publish to Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp and Twitter in by downloading video

Connect up to 500 social accounts!


Working in multiple niches? Have dozens of different pen names? Want to keep all your social profiles separate?

Good news…you can connect up to 500 social media profiles to StoryReel, so you can pump out story videos to all your accounts in seconds from the dashboard!

  • No need to log into multiple accounts

  • No need to “cross contaminate” social accounts

  • Perfect for working in multiple niches or with dozens of clients

Integrate with SyVID* and LIVEreel* (our best-selling video marketing software!)

Featured Image

Tap a button to send your video into your SyVID account to syndicate it across 8 different video sites and 15 different social networks to get jaw dropping viral traffic, leads and sales that will leave your competitors green with envy.

Want your story videos to “appear” live even when you’re sleeping?

It’s a fact…live video gets more exposure on social media…and now you can turn your stories into “live” events that rake in killer traffic, even if you’re sleeping or on vacation!

Just tap a button to push your story video into LIVEreel, allowing you to schedule and publish it as a “live” video on social media, even when you’re away from your computer or phone!

*Separate new or existing SyVid and LiveReel accounts required. Additional purchases necessary.

Create up to 500 HD videos or GIFS per day


Dominate the news feeds like a celebrity on heat…with the power to publish up to 500 social stories per day, drowning out your competitors and getting the attention, followers, leads and sales you deserve!

  • Publish up to 500 videos per day

  • Render in 720p or 1080p quality

  • Export as video or animated GIF

No Monthly Fees Required.
A One Time Investment Is All It Takes To Get Tons of Traffic!


ONLY FOR TODAY! While other tools charge $29, $49 or even $99 per month for basic social sharing features, you’re getting StoryReel for a one—time—only investment today

Which means you can use StoryReel to pump out hundreds or even thousands of videos to get all the followers, clicks and sales you could ever handle…

…without any crippling fees or hidden costs holding you back.

We designed StoryReel the way Steve Jobs designed iPhones…

It’s So Easy, Even A 2-Year-Old Can Use It!

Powerful, Yet User Friendly interface…
Clutter free controls…Everything Is Right Where You Need It To Be So You Can Access It Easily
Point and click editing…Get In, Get Done, So You Can Get On With Your Day...

And Don’t Worry, I’ll Be With You Every Step of The Way...


Detailed, easy to follow video & PDF tutorials

You can’t go wrong


Dedicated Support

We’ve got your back, even if it’s 2AM


No need to connect any paid API

Just log in and start creating!


Cloud Based

Nothing to download. Works anywhere with an internet connection.

SPECIAL UPGRADE!You’ll Also Receive Your Very Own Commercial License. We’ll Upgrade You From Personal To Commercial When You Get Access Today – FOR FREE!


Now you can cash in like crazy by creating social story videos for clients too! The Commercial Usage license allows you to legally use StoryReel to pump out videos that clients love and pay big bucks for!

100% Whitehat & Approved Software So You Never Have To Worry About Your Accounts Getting Shut Down or Banned For Eternity!

We’ve worked closely with Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp and Skype to ensure StoryReel complies with all rules, regulations and laws and works seamlessly every time.


Regular, free updates… Since 2018!

Social stories are here to stay…

…and we’re here to make sure you’ve always got the most powerful technology to cash in with them. StoryReel users have been getting free, regular updates since 2018 and we’ll keep at it.


Fully tested, compliant & built to last

StoryReel works exactly how it should, every time. It’s bug free, regularly updated and works in total compliance with Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram and WhatsApp.


“Yes! I Want To Use Storyreel To Tap Into Thousands Of Fresh Leads & Sales Today!”

Get Instant Access to StoryReel - Commercial
Guaranty Image

If The Usual Traffic Methods Aren’t Working, Then It’s Time To Unleash The Power Of StoryReel

  • No more blogging and vlogging with nothing to show for it and everyone ignoring your posts.

  • No more backbreaking SEO that takes years to see results

  • No more expensive PPC or Facebook ads that don’t get any clicks and rarely make a profit

Because here’s the truth…

You Don’t Have To Work HARD To Get Traffic & Sales Anymore!

Social media has opened the doors to a world of endless traffic, leads and sales…and with the right technology…you can dive in and grab your share of it.

And with short, simple social stories, it’s easier than ever.


You Don’t Need To Create Epic Content…In Fact…People Want LESS Content, Not More!

That’s why we LOVE social stories…because it’s what people want to watch…and because it’s easier for YOU to create.

And with StoryReel, it’s even easier….

Now you can create killer social story videos in seconds that are loaded with pumping music, cool fonts, awesome icons, eye popping images, hypnotic video clips, multilingual voice overs and more…

…allowing you to create an endless array of social story videos in any niche, on any topic, for any audience…

…even if you’re shy, on a budget, short on time or just don’t know where to start!

All the hard work has been done for you

Just dive in, edit and publish awesome social stories without any creative skills, experience or expensive tools!

But don’t wait too long because…


Join The Social Story Revolution Right Now & Get The Attention, Clicks & Cash You Deserve!

You’ve seen the facts…

Billions of people are ditching old style content for engaging social stories instead.…

…and if you’re not using social stories to promote your business, then you’re going to miss all the action.

Hurry, Before We Start Charging Monthly! (just like we did with our previous launches!)


This is not a marketing trick…we really DO raise our prices after the initial launch…and sometimes, we never sell them to the public again for a one-time fee!

Why? Because we want our users to have a killer edge over the competition, in any niche. Because if our customers are successful, they’ll have more money and time to try out our future products.

This is your only chance to grab this powerful software before we increase the price and turn this into a monthly subscription service.


Your Investment is Totally Risk Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment into our product. So here is our iron clad guarantee. If you access our software and it doesn't carry out every feature we have demonstrated, in an easy-to-use fashion, simply reach out to us with a refund request on our Help & Support Desk and we'll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund as per our transparent refund policy. Simple as that!

Click The Buy Button To Lock In Your License Before It’s Too Late!

Get Instant Access to StoryReel - Commercial
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Facebook Openly Admits… Social Stories Are The Future!

Mark Zuckerberg Testimonial

Whether you decide to join the social story revolution or not, the truth is, it’s not going away.

If you ignore it, you’ll stay where you are…

…slogging over SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, blogging, vlogging, forum poanswer sting, commenting,ing questions on Quora, pumping out press releases and all the other stuff that ALL YOUR COMPETITORS are doing too.

We’re not saying that stuff doesn’t ever work, but why make life more difficult than it needs to be?

With social video stories, you’re tapping into a fresh new phase of online content… where billions of people are moving their attention to short, engaging little videos that are usually under 15 seconds…

…and are proven to get insane attention, engagement and SALES in ourattention—starved world.

Tap Into Social Stories, Even If You’re A Technophobe, Camera Shy Or Too Busy…

In a few clicks, you can start cranking out attention—grabbing, engaging and unique social stories than stand out, win trust and turn people onto your offers like nothing else can.

In seconds from now, you can pick, edit and publish your first social story like you’re an old pro…

…even if you’re totally new to online marketing and you don’t have a creative bone in your body!

So why wait?

Now is your time to get heard. Get liked. Get clicked. And get paid.

Click To Access StoryReel Right Now & Start Using Social Story Videos To Rake In Free Traffic, Leads & Sales For You & Your Clients Today!

  • 10 Fully editable templates created by worlds' top designers

  • Create 5 videos everyday

  • Add multilingual voice overs with our state-of-the-art text to speech technology

  • Create 10 second videos or longer videos with new "loop and join" technology

  • Access to 500+ Images in ImageLibrary

  • Access to 100+ Video-Clips in VideoLibrary

  • Access to 10 of Fonts

  • Access to 10 Background Music in MusicLibrary

  • Upload your own Images, Video Clips or Music/Voiceovers

  • Add "Swipe Up" Animation on all videos

  • Insert your own logo and watermark

  • Connect up to 5 social accounts

  • Publish to Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles in One-Click

  • Publish to Instagram and Twitter in One-Click

  • Seamless integration with SyVID* and LIVEreel*

  • Publish up to 5 HD videos or GIFS per day

  • No monthly fees or hidden costs

  • Detailed, easy to follow video & PDF tutorials.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support.

  • No need to connect any paid API.

  • Cloud Based. Nothing to download. Works anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Commercial Usage License Included

  • 100% Whitehat and approved software

  • FREE regular updates

  • Works for Mac and PC

  • 7-days traffic-getting guarantee

StoryReel - Bronze
  • 100 Fully editable templates created by worlds' top designers

  • Create 500 videos everyday

  • Add multilingual voice overs with our state-of-the-art text to speech technology

  • Create 10 second videos or longer videos with new "loop and join" technology

  • Access to 50,000+ Images in ImageLibrary

  • Access to 10,000+ Video-Clips in VideoLibrary

  • Access to 100s of Fonts

  • Access to 1,000+ Background Music in MusicLibrary

  • Upload your own Images, Video Clips or Music/Voiceovers

  • Add “Swipe Up” Animation on all videos

  • Insert your own logo and watermark

  • Connect up to 500 social accounts

  • Publish to Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles in One-Click

  • Publish to Instagram and Twitter in One-Click

  • Seamless integration with SyVID* and LIVEreel*

  • Publish up to 500 HD videos or GIFS per day

  • No monthly fees or hidden costs

  • Detailed, easy to follow video & PDF tutorials.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support.

  • No need to connect any paid API.

  • Cloud Based. Nothing to download. Works anywhere with an internet connection.

  • FREE UPGRADE: Commercial Usage License

  • FREE regular updates

  • 100% Whitehat and approved software

  • Works for Mac and PC.

  • 14-day traffic-getting guarantee

StoryReel - Diamond (promote this)

To Your Success


Abhi Dwivedi & ReelApps

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How does this work?

    StoryReel allows you to create and publish engaging social story style videos to your social channels in minutes. Choose a pro template, edit however you want, then share it across the web for insane engagement and exposure, all from a single dashboard.

  • Why do I need a tool like this to create social stories?

    First, it’s way easier than creating social story videos from scratch. StoryReel automatically formats your video for optimal playback on mobile devices (including the right “vertical dimensions” so it always fits and looks right on all the different story apps, including Instagram, SnapChat, etc.

    Second, you’re saving hundreds of dollars on footage, fonts, graphics, logos, icons and text to speech technology… and even more money on freelancers who would easily charge $20, $30 or even $50 to help you create a single video!

    Third, it’s fast. You’re saving hours when it comes to syndicating your social story online. StoryReel allows you to share your video on multiple social channels in a couple of clicks, without manually logging in to each app or website the slow way!

  • How do social stories get me more traffic and sales?

    If you want attention…if you want to stand out…if you want to stop getting ignored online… then you need to go where your audience are right now…and put something in front of them that they WANT to watch.

    While other marketers slave over old style content, ads and other stuff, you can tap into billions of potential viewers who are craving social stories over anything else today, in 2019.

    People just LOVE social stories. They’re short, fun, different and easy to digest. Look at the facts…it’s easy to see that the future of content is social stories!

  • Does this work for Mac and PC?

    Yes. StoryReel is a cloud-based app, so it works on any device, any screen size and from anywhere in the world.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. Try it for 14 days and if you don’t agree this is the easiest, fastest way to get free traffic to your products, services, squeeze pages or affiliate links, then let us know and we’ll refund every last penny on the spot.

  • Is there any training?

    Yes. We provide detailed videos and PDF guides if you need a little extra help, but we’re also confident that you’ll never need to use them because StoryReel is one of the easiest tools we’ve ever designed and created for our customers!

  • Are there any monthly or hidden fees?

    Nope. If you lock in your license now, we guarantee there will be no additional fees, ever. After this launch is over, we are considering moving this to a monthly subscription service. So, don’t miss out - get in now and save a heap of cash!

  • What makes StoryReel unique?

    There’s nothing else that comes close to what StoryReel can do for you. No other tool we’ve seen can create killer social story videos that are formatted vertically for mobile apps…or allow you to choose and fully edit awesome templates that are proven to grab attention and engage people…or allow you to syndicate and share your social story across multiple platforms and social accounts in seconds, saving you hours of backbreaking work.

    And don’t forget the text to speech technology, allowing you to create awesome voice overs, even if you don’t have a mic, cant afford a voice over artist or simply don’t like the sound of your own voice!

  • What is the refund policy & can I get a refund?

    We offer a 14-days refund policy. We do not offer a “no questions asked refund”. All refunds are processed based on our refund policy mentioned at There is no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

    1. You have changed your mind about a product.

    2. You bought a product by mistake.

    3. You do not have sufficient expertise to use the product.

    4. You ask for goodwill.

    5. You have a personal emergency.

    6. Your purchase was an accident.

    Also, subscriptions can be cancelled any time but are not refundable. Filing a dispute or chargeback will results in no refund and permanent ban.